Jeanette Winterson: making journeys out of stories and stories out of journeys


Jeanette Winterson Jeanette Winterson

“It’s a beautiful day, you could be swimming but you’re here. Thank you,” said British writer, broadcaster and activist, Jeanette Winterson as she started her keynote address at Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2014.

And before long we were immersed, in Winterson’s stories of storytelling.

“When we meet, we meet on the steps of a story,” and Winterson, whose first novel, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit was published in 1991, went on to list the ways stories start. “Have you heard the one about?”

And she reminds us that stories were around long before books. Stories are not only for readers, “We meet on the street and the smallest exchange becomes a narrative.”

“Humans didn’t create language to say, “Honey can you pass me the spear?”

“If you think about language beginning in the mouth rather than before it hits the page, because speech is far older than…

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